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About us

 Who we are

Established in 2021, LUNARYZE is a one stop for all your jewellery and fashion accessories as an online retail store out of Georgia USA. We pride ourselves in carrying some of the best products in the industry while paying attention to quality and durability, combined with the best pricing and speedy delivery. As the company expands, we will be adding more products to our collection. We pledge to do our level best for all our customers and thank you for your unwavering trust in us.



Our mission is to push for individuality and inspire women globally to be self-confident and dress how they want. We believe that uniqueness is the key to beauty, and instead of fitting in with the rest, we seek to empower everyone, regardless of their physiques, to stand out from the rest and to live with pride. As this industry is heavily influenced by the latest trends in fashion, before adding anything new to our store, we make it our number one priority to think about everyone. While we do carry a specific style in mind, we make sure to carry something for everyone.



Our luxurious, sparkling designs are handcrafted with premium-grade materials to ensure longevity through everyday wear. They capture life's unforgettable moments, becoming keepsake treasures to cherish. While we take pride in the quality of our products, we also work towards cutting out all unnecessary costs in the process to ensure that our products are sold at an affordable price accessible by all.